masterclass [kunstwerk] krastal
sculpture in the contemporary context and the stone as medium

masterclass [kunstwerk] krastal intends to create a collaborative exchange platform to stimulate the emergence of unprecedented forms and expressions in sculpture and new approaches to the use of stone. It aims to deploy the conceptual aspects of the sculpture; the possibilities, the material - immaterial limits of it - and to bring an analysis of the perception of sculpture into the contemporary context, as well as a study of the context. Prompt interaction between theory, concept and experience provide the means for the conceptualization and development of a project and support its realization.

Masterclass bases on collaboration, where the term “master” refers to an overall level of discourse of an informal heterogeneous group rather than defining a hierarchical correlation of participants and master and is realized in partnership with artists, theoreticians, philosophers.

session °2 - the Idea
the concept of Idea – the mental and tangible form, the idea and the creative act, abstraction and concreteness, conceptualization and representation

03. 09 - 17. 09. 2019

concept and direction:
Attila Rath Geber

in collaboration with
Bernd Gutmannsbauer

[kunstwerk] krastal
9541 Kras

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