„wir Künstlerinnen begegnen einander"

artists in residence
08. 06 - 14. 06. 2021

Ruth Mateus Berr, Christiane Neckritz, Rosa Roedelius, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer
organization and direction: Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer

Experimental space - Discussion space
[ talking, thinking, working, acting ]

" The decision has been made: get out of the familiar surroundings, to immerse itself in the original krastal, the valley that we know and love with all its peculiarities, its peace, strength and energy. The four of us will re-explore the valley and work with the local material, marble or found objects, paint, write, think, communicate and exchange ideas. Laugh, cook, eat, drink together and think and contemplate about life and art. We will listen to one another and be heard ourselves. We will feel the earth beneath our feet, perceive nature, the forest and the sun, see the fog rise in the forest, and feel the heat in the quarry and the coolness of the valley on our skin. We will live far away from the noise of the cities in nature; we will be unintentional and see what happens to us … "