This year, Ulrich Plieschnig presents large-format paintings on canvas as well as small-format works on paper in the exhibition rooms of Bildhauerhaus Krastal. Outside, some of his stone sculptures can also be seen.

For three decades, Ulrich Plieschnig has been painting with highly diluted oil paint dissolved in turpentine, which he heats up, distributes with the brush, let it drain and pile it up again until the free composition transforms out of the surface into a (seemingly) three-dimensional object. In his latest pictures, the contours are increasingly dissolving. The remaining, color and shape-reduced, cloud-like structure is accentuated by translucent brushstrokes and color condensing.

bildhauerhaus - krastal

11. 07.- 03. 08. 2019

thursday 11 July 2019, 7pm
by Ulli Sturm KUNSTBÜRO

saturday 3 August 2019 from 4pm
catalog presentation and lecture by Gernot Ragger at 6pm

visiting hours:
friday - sunday from 3pm to 8pm
and by appointment
+43 699 19201919