Eva Funk and CÚline Struger

artists in residence
01. 05 - 31. 05. 2021

19. 09 - 09. 10. 2021

curated by Attila Rath Geber

Eva Funk and CÚline Struger focuses on contemporary issues of sculpture, such as ephemerality and locality. Both artists grew up in Carinthia in a rural environment, which had a lasting influence on their later concept of sculpture and is expressed today in a common basic tenor in dealing with form and substance. In their artistic works, the artists allow anti-capitalist, mystical and partly feminist narratives to resonate. In addition, both work site-specifically, with natural found materials such as ceramics, wood, and rock taking on a special role.

For their work residency at [kunstwerk] krastal, Funk and Struger build a temporary excavation site in the marble quarry. In an interdisciplinary process, they are exploring the local flora, collaborating with geologists and paleontologists and investigating scientific questions by the means of contemporary art. The results of this artistic research will be accessible to the public from 19.09.2021 in a frame of work presentation in the krastal bildhauerhaus.

sunday, 19 september from 4pm
bildhauerhaus - krastal

saturday, 9 october from 4pm
bildhauerhaus - krastal

visiting hours:
by appointment: +43 650 5124927