symposion krastal_bergstein
15. 07 - 28. 08. 2020
modre stonequarry - Bergstein, Völkermarkt

symposion bergstein
CARINTHIja 2020 - Zeitreisen und Perspektiven

A symposion with the contribution of [kunstwerk] krastal.
Ten artists, five from Slovenia and five from Carinthia will hold a perspective journey in time through stone, sculpture and sound in Bergstein stone quarry and will further develop their artistic visions and cultural identity…

concept and organization:

Helmut Machhammer


Niclas Anatol
Catrin Bolt
Romana Egartner
Dušan Kirbiš
Lenard Kirbiš
Bojana Križanec
Jure Markota
Wolfgang Wohlfahrt
Ana Zerial

program during the symposion:

every friday from 7pm
modre stonequarry - Bergstein, Völkermarkt

round walk and presentation
with artists, sculptures and perceptions

24. 07 - 01. 08. 2020
stonequarry Bergstein / Stadtturm in Völkermarkt

installation and exhibition
Stadtturm - Klangturm
Sound of Sculpture

saturday, 22. August
modre stonequarry - Bergstein, Völkermarkt

sculpture presentation
concert of Heidelinde Gratzl - Accordion