01. 07 - 19. 07. 2023
bildhauerhaus, krastal

schock šok shock

exhibition of the members [kunstwerk] krastal in the course of the Triennale of the Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt

As a subject for artistic exploration, scock offers a wide range of opportunities for artists to process and express their thoughts and emotions. They can use visual contrasts to represent the feeling of shock by combining different colors, textures or shapes. The contrast of light and dark, smoothness and roughness, or shapes and textures can help convey the sense of shock. Furthermore, shock can also be viewed as an expression of strongly varying emotional perceptions. Various media and techniques are used to deal with the topic of shock. You can use sculpture, painting, photography, video, performance art, or any other form of expression.

Overall, shock as a subject for artistic exploration can be an intense experience for artists and viewers alike. However, consideration should not only be given the emotional component of the topic, but also old and already forgotten meanings such as shock as a measure of quantity.

saturday, 1 july from 6pm