stone sculptors' symposion bergstein

09. 10 - 25. 10. 2023

organization: Romana Egartner, Helmut Machhammer

DICHOTOM (zweiter Teil)

The link between dichotomy and stone carving lies in the ability to express contrasts and ambiguities with the hard, robust material of stone. By working the stone and choosing the forms, artists can explore and depict duality in different aspects of life.

DICHOTOM explores the duality of form and emptiness, of strength and delicacy, of roughness and smoothness, to illustrate the ambivalence and apprehension in art. The participants create sculptures that embody opposites; large and heavy forms are combined with filigree and fragile elements. They create contrasting stress by combining sharp, edgy edges with soft, organic shapes. This dichotomy in forms encourages the viewer to grasp the tension between the opposing elements.

The sculptors use not only the positive forms, but also the empty spaces around them to emphasize the dichotomy. The void is deliberately designed as an integral part of the sculptures. They create voids and openings that capture the light and add an extra dimension to the work. The inclusion of emptiness reinforces the duality between presence and absence, between form and non-form. Overall, stone carving allows artists to express the dichotomy in its rawest and most honest form, inviting viewers to engage with the opposites that are present in human existence.


Niclas Anatol (AUT)
Romana Egartner (AUT)
Helmut Machhammer (AUT)
Jure Markota (SLO)

programm during the symposion:

9 october - 25 october
stone quarry, bergstein

drawing for stone

friday, 9 october from 6pm

every friday from 5pm
stone quarry, bergstein

artist talk

wednesday, 25 october from 5pm
stone quarry, bergstein

closing fest and sculpture presentation