54. sculptors' symposion [kunstwerk] krastal

01. 07. - 31. 07. 2021


Erika Inger, Wolfgang Wohlfahrt

As part of a “Sociology of world relations”, Hartmut Rosa drafts a counter-concept to the current spreading alienation. It's about a new relationship with the world, which she describes as a “resonance”. In this state, people do not try to control things and handle them quickly and efficiently, but allow themselves to be touched by encounters with others, by places, by music or nature and allow them to make something vibrate in them.

The contents of a stone sculptor’s symposium and a resonance process have their starting point in the search for common ground across the boundaries of different disciplines. What connects and resonates is emphasized. A perception of the opposite works of art that goes beyond the price-performance limit and enters into a resonance relationship. An alternative currency for the art object, the "exchange value" of which has to be first negotiated. It is about combining the visual with the auditory and placing the result in a social context. Working together on stone, making music, improvising, communicating, with and without words. Listen and answer. The freedom of thought, but also the critical questioning of political and social aesthetics of our time.

With the sculpture exhibition on site at Krastal, the actual process begins, the transmission after the symposium, the communication with the environment, the transmission to society, the placement in public space.


Emanuela Camacci
Christian Hess
Erika Inger
Florian Andrea Müller
Anno Sieberts
Veronika Wohlfahrt
Wolfgang Wohlfahrt

programm during the symposion:

saturday, 3. july at 6pm
bildhauerhaus, krastal


every friday 6pm - 8pm
lauster stone quarry, krastal

sculpture tour and discussions with the artists

saturday, 31. july from 5pm
bildhauerhaus, krastal

closing fest