Kerstin Bennier

artist in residence
01. 06 - 25. 06. 2023

organization: Romana Egartner

start of the project: same same but different…

an artistic exploration of the ongoing war in Ukraine

Following the wall of remembrance of those who died for Ukraine, I would like to commemorate the civilian casualties of the current ongoing war of aggression in Ukraine with my new artistic work. same same but different... will be an installation made of true-to-scale Polaroid photo formats. Each picture is unique in its own right, as unique as the person it is intended to commemorate. I will use the techniques of marbling with ink on paper. The provisional end of this work will be when the number of pieces reaches 8,030, the total is based on the official figures of civilian deaths according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. (Status April 17, 2023) The installation is designed in two colors: the black images will stand for the adults and the red images for the children.

It is important for me to deal with the effects of wars on innocent civilians and to show my solidarity with the victims. My new artwork same same but different... can make an important contribution to this by depicting human tragedy in a visual and emotional way. In the course of this new work - which is important for me - I would like to try to draw the viewer's attention to a different perspective and for the duration of the production of this work (planned at least 8 months) I would like to focus on these innocent people who have fought this war up to now have already fallen victim due to the planned way of working, and try to create a tangible image in the form of a large-scale installation and thus commemorate these people.

opening performance
friday, 9 june from 6pm
bildhauerhaus - krastal

saturday, 24 june from 6pm
bildhauerhaus - krastal