stone-sculpting workshop in Krastal marble quarry for teachers with basic experience in sculpture and in use of machines.

The awareness concerning the resistance of stone and its "overcome" in the individual elaboration of a sculpture is a beneficial prerequisite in a learning process that extends personality and competencies. This kind of challenge can be fruitfully accepted and creatively mastered for pupils in frame of project weeks. (In Krastal marble quarry, stone sculpting workshops for students have been taking place for over 10 years with locally extracted marble or limestone)

The seminarís goal is to give teachers the opportunity to get familiar with stone sculpting and to adapt the experience individually to projects with students. Due to limited working time, the autonomous use of handheld power tools (small and large angle grinder) will be reasonable. Stones (weight between 40 and 70 kg) are provided. Tools; chisels, hammer, cut-off blades and abrasive material are available.

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